Web Design

Web designing can be a lot of fun, but there are still some guidelines to follow that will you out you, and your potential readers. For example, Mike Rundle’s CRAP guidelines are very useful to any starting web designer.





As mike describes, you want your website to be pleasing to visitors. With Contrast, you make your website appear more organized and clean in relation to the colors you use with your background, header, text, content, etc. When considering Repetition, you want the site to be consistent with it’s content and where the content is. This can be as simple as keeping the content texts the same size and style. Alignment is pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want one blog post on the right side of a page and then have the next one in the middle or to the left. You want the readers eyes to flow throughout the page and not keep having to bounce around to find information and content. Lastly, Proximity relates to the space within your page and around the content on the web page. With things too close together, the site seems unorganized and hard to comprehend.


In this example, the website is organized and coherent. The colors contrast very well and information is easily accessible through the selection tabs.






Now in this example, firstly, we notice that because of the colors chosen, it is hard to read. We also don’t see much content on the web page, but there are links available. The image, which is what the site is promoting, takes up the majority of the page. In my opinion, I would not enjoy finding my way around this website.

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